I consider it an honour to be chosen as a newcomer's first experience. Whether you're a masochist, fetishist or submissive, I ensure that I create enjoyable encounters, bringing my experience and enthusiasm to each appointment. In order to help you get the most from your experience, I have prepared the following for you: 


Firstly, ensure that you have read through all the information on here thoroughly. You do not need to have committed it to memory but at least have noted the pertinent information. It is a general faux pas to ask questions that are specifically answered on the website. 


Remember that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Treat me as you would any other senior business associate with whom you wish to forge a good working relationship. Be prepared to tell me a little about what it is you hope for in meeting with me. A few paragraphs will suffice as a first introduction. Do make it clear in your contact that you are a newcomer- it is always helpful to know from the outset.


When we do speak, find a private and quiet spot to talk. Ensure that you don't have to whisper as it makes it very hard to hear clearly on my end. Sometimes people find it easier to have pen and paper to hand to make notes.


Please remember that I am not a pen pal so do keep correspondence to relevant subjects. I appreciate that keeping in contact helps settle the nerves but respect the fact that I cannot keep up a daily or near daily email correspondence until the appointed day, especially if you have booked weeks in advance. However, if this is something you feel would benefit you, then we can discuss an arrangement for a regular email exchange in the time preceding meeting each other.


It is worth trying to determine what your limits might be even though you have yet to discover and find out. I will ask you when we are negotiating our time together. You might know without trying that you don't wish to be humiliated or receive pain. That is fine and all hard limits will be respected. Some elements you may be curious about but unsure - your soft limits - and these can be lightly introduced into play with no particular emphasis upon them.

If you have health issues, allergies or mobility problems, always be honest when I ask. I do not exclude anyone on the basis of their answers but am merely looking to determine what is safe for you.

Colly Wobbles:

I understand that as the date of our first encounter approaches you might be overwhelmed with many thoughts and feelings, some of which may be of a reticence to proceed and thoughts of backing out at the last minute. Firstly, don't worry, this can happen. I understand and I won't think harshly of you for it. If panic sets in, communicate this with me. Secondly, your jitters could be telling you that now might not be the right time for you to take this step forward. We can always reschedule, be it in the weeks or even months ahead. Don't forget, this isn't a race.


A first appointment is always an exploratory time in many ways, whether I am with a novice or someone more experienced. I will take my time to build up the intensity, easing new elements into play as and when I see fit to do so. If I feel that I need to decrease the intensity at any point, I will do so. I always keep an eye on you and your responses throughout.


After our time together, I always offer to sit and talk for a while, preferably with a cup of tea. I appreciate that being able to wind down post-play makes for a smoother landing back to reality and I like to leave people not just as well as they were before, but preferably better.

You may feel a number of things afterwards and your emotions may be running high and wild. I strongly suggest that you do not consume alcohol that day if your tolerance is low and just allow your body and brain to come down naturally. Eat a snack afterwards to keep up your blood sugar levels. Take a little alone time if you can to reflect. Sit back and enjoy the memories and feelings the experience has stirred for you.

That's it - you've done it!