Have you spent your time visiting and revisiting my website, enthralled by my words and images? Have you followed my social media and vicariously taken enjoyment at how I live my life? Have you listened to the clip of my voice and now desire to hear more? 

Then maybe it's time to think about contributing towards my life rather than just taking.

For those who enjoy the art of financial domination, I offer to you the opportunity to appreciate me and serve me. I am especially attracted to those who enjoy the emotional power of receiving pleasure from giving pleasure. 

Indeed, I have a whole blog post right here: Findom- the Ultimate Form of Domination?

How might you serve me best as a Patron of the Dominant Arts?

  • You may be granted permission to take me on a shopping trip. Although I am selective in allowing subs to purchase new clothing for myself, when I do buy, I buy quality. After a morning or afternoon of shopping, I may only allow you to buy me one item, but you can be assured that item will be exquisite and just the very thing. Of course, any bags will be carried by you.
  • Pick up the tab for meals, drinks, opera and theatre tickets for me and my friends. We might even raise a glass to you in your absence.
  • Lifestyle sponsorship: I am a keen learner and frequently attend events, courses and workshops. Helping a Lady to expand her knowledge is a noble investment.
  • Travel and getaways. Do you have some Frequent Flyer or Hotel Loyalty points burning a hole in your pocket? Gift them to someone who will look better in a bikini than you. You may even get a photo postcard in your inbox.

You may request my attention by sending a minimum of £50 via either Amazon or Spafinder gift card below to oliviafitzgerald@gmail.com. Any financial servitude enquiries made without an introductory fee will be strictly ignored.