If you have any questions that I have not covered here, then you are welcome to drop me a line and ask. All polite and respectful queries will be answered. 


About Miss Fitzgerald:

What do you sound like? I'd love to hear your voice.

I do have a recording I made a few years ago of of me reading out a blog post I had written. Although, no-one ever truly thinks their voice sounds like them when heard via a recording, myself included, I have it on good authority from those that have spent time with me that this recording captures my voice quite well. Enjoy!

Is that really you in the photographs?

Yes, indeed it is. I have specifically chosen natural light rather than glossy photographs as I think it depicts me more accurately.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I do not have any tattoos or body piercings; I only have a single piercing on each of my earlobes.

Do you drink? Do you smoke?

I am a social drinker and love to have a glass of champagne occasionally or glass of wine with dinner, even the odd two fingers of a single malt when the weather gets nippy, but if you are looking for a 'party girl', then I most definitely not for you in more ways than one! As an ex-smoker myself, I am sympathetic to those who like to have the occasional smoke but request that you refrain from smoking heavily.



About you:

What qualities do you like in the people that you see?

As this is an experience based on mutual respect, I will say that I value those who are unpresuming about what it is I offer, who can come with an open mind to the experience of spending time with a Dominant Lady and treat me as such. Additionally, I appreciate those that are able to have a sense of fun about our time together even if they are nervous about meeting- it's all part of the fun!

Do you see women/couples/trans* people?

Although, I mainly meet with cis-men, I am very happy to see women but I'm afraid I do not see couples as one-to-one encounters as best suited to my FLR offering. Also, I see all guys and that includes trans guys and likewise with trans women. I am well-educated on trans issues and respectful of pronouns, including non-binary ones.

Do you see differently-abled people?

Yes, I do. Just let me know any specific requirements I need to be aware of in advance.

Do you have an upper/lower age limit?

Not at all, indeed I saw one gent who was in his nineties and we had wonderful times at afternoon tea, dinner and the theatre as well as more private fun together. Actually, I always rather admired his sense of adventure at such a stage in his life.

Generally, I would expect my gents to be above 35, although this is not set in stone. Fundamentally, I am looking for the necessary emotional maturity required to serve me.

What is your typical client like?

From five years as a Dominant Courtesan, specialising in extended engagements and female-led relationship experiences, I have found that the people who contact me fall into two broad categories:

1.   Those that have experience of seeing ProDommes for one-hour anonymous sessions, feeling a sense of unfulfillment at the experience, though not necessarily with the Domme herself. They walked away feeling as though the experience hadn’t quite scratched the surface of what they were looking for or was ‘sort of what I was looking for, but not quite right’. Quite often, they don’t know what they are looking for until they stumble across my website and something just clicks.

2.   Those that have always known that the one-hour anonymous session offerings were not going to be fulfilling for them and so they have never been to see a ProDomme before. Yet still, they kept looking and browsing for what was out there and then they stumbled across my website and, again, there is the ‘Aha!’ moment for them.

Another broad similarity I have found is that most, if not all, are not active on the fetish or BDSM scene, much like myself, and prefer to keep this part of their lives as a separate and distinct; something they wish to explore in-depth but in a safe and boundaried manner.  Essentially, they are looking for something real, but ringfenced.



 How much notice do you require?

I like to plan my diary in advance and so as much notice as you can give me affords us the best chance that I will available on the date you have in mind.

Additionally, all experiences are bespoke creations so I am never available for a same-day booking unless we have met previously. I have found that advance planning allows me time to think more carefully and creatively about what will best meet your needs in our time together and so creates a better experience for us both.

Indeed, many people book at least a month in advance, sometimes even months in advance, especially when visiting from outside the UK in order to ensure that we can meet.

 Do you have any reviews?

For reasons of discretion, I ask that you do not post reviews: discretion is a two-way street. However, I am always happy when a gentleman takes the time to write a thoughtful testimonial that I can post here. Additionally, please understand that no two experiences are the same, each one has its own unique chemistry and is often hard to translate into words.

What if I have to cancel?

I understand that cancellations are frustrating for both of us, however I am a low-volume Pro-Domme, seeing people on a part-time basis only and so any cancellations severely disrupt not only my income but my time, especially since I specialise in longer engagements. 

I dislike insisting on deposits, preferring to work on a basis of mutual trust, so instead if you cancel for any reason, I request that you pay a 25% cancellation fee. If you do not pay this, you will never be allowed to book with me again, it's as simple as that. 

If you think you may not be able to make our date, do let me know as soon you as you can. 

I've emailed you but you have not replied....

I try to respond to all introductions within 24 hours, but sometimes with travel and extended engagements this is simply not possible. 

If your email contained references to illegal acts, services of any sort, vulgar language, or was full of text speak, I will have ignored it. However, if you have written a considered and thoughtful letter of introduction and wondered why you haven't received a reply, then please do send it again. Sometimes things unfortunately do get lost in the ether. Also, check your spam or junk box in case I have ended up there.




Our Date:

I'd like to have dinner with you when we meet. Do you have any preferred cuisine?

I would be delighted to be your dinner companion, and find that genuine intimacy builds best over a meal shared. In terms of food choices, I am very easy-going and have yet to struggle finding options on a menu I won't enjoy. I will say though that I prefer to eat lightly prior to play so tend to favour eating one course, possibly two on occasion, but rarely three.

If discretion is an issue, room service is also an option.

I'd love to have dinner with you but think I would be too nervous to eat before we play. Can we eat afterwards instead?

I'd much rather enjoy a meal with you all post-glow with a hearty appetite than watch you push food nervously around your plate. So long as it doesn't make for a very late supper, then I am pretty easy-going about this.

I'd like to give you a gift when we meet...

That's a lovely thought and much appreciated. I very much enjoy experiences or consumables, so massage vouchers, spa days, diptyque candles, unusual dark chocolate, a bottle of vintage Bordeaux or fine loose leaf green tea are all super ideas. That said, I am partial to cashmere, silk and lingerie (34C, medium). I am also fond of being bought a lovely bunch of flowers (no carnations please). Please do not give me sugary items as I watch my sugar intake.

What will you be wearing on our date?

As you can see from my photographs, I favour the natural, fresh-faced look, although I do occasionally enjoy whipping out the red lipstick, and I prefer to dress in an elegant and somewhat demure fashion, opting for subtly sexy rather than an in-your-face look. I like to treat our date as just that, so I don't take clothing requests per se, but if there is something that will make you weak at the knees, then I will consider making it part of my ensemble provided that I have it in my wardrobe. 

I'm really interested in discreet public play- can we conduct our time entirely in public?

Yes, this is certainly a possibility. Let me know this in your initial introduction.

When we go out, can our public time be more vanilla/GFE and we keep our private time as FLR?

Of course, this is not a problem at all. This is generally how I conduct public time unless public play is a particular interest.

Do you have any preferred hotels that you might recommend for our time together outside London?

Yes, I have compiled a list for you here: hotels.




I've seen a website with very similarly worded copy or the same copy as your website.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery and I have seen others use phrases that I have uniquely written, as frustrating as it is, I take comfort that my words inspire. I run Copyscape regularly and chase up any obviously copy and pasted lifted text of mine but I am always grateful to those that contact to let me know so I can be on it straight away.

You say that you are a Lifestyle Domme, but you are not 'on the scene', why is this?

Although I am a Lifestyle Mistress and Lifestyle Dominant, I am not a participant of 'the scene'. I choose my BDSM friends as selectively as any other other friend I have in life, and beyond my desire to avoid loud and crowded scenes, I mainly desire to connect with like-minded and interesting individuals, and that does not require, nor preclude anyone to be 'on the scene'. Beyond which, my patrons tend to be of the shy and discerning type, and that suits me well as I too enjoy mixing in polite society also.