I enjoy long, unhurried pockets of time together; I am really at my best when neither of has to look at a watch during our time together and we can just immerse ourselves in the pleasure of play.

Whilst I do not offer 'sessions' where a checklist of things that I do to you are performed, I do offer myself as a woman who values realness within her life, D/s encounters included, and ethical and honest power-exchange.

My rates reflect my preference for extended engagements; I am genuinely a companion as much as a Dominant.

I offer outcall dates only.

For hotel bookings, I do require the name the hotel room is booked under in order to discreetly verify with the hotel that the booking exists in order to reserve our time together in my diary. This is not just a matter of verification but also for my sense of safety. I may be a Dominant Woman, but I am still a woman and my sense of security and comfort are important to me. 

I do occasionally visit suitors at their own location/s rather than hotels, subject to screening.

Consultation Appointments/ Meet and Greet:

I offer an optional face to face consultations. This is an opportunity for you to meet me in a public place and discuss your interests and fantasies over a cup of tea or coffee. It is additionally a very good way to build rapport and chemistry before we play together. I have received good feedback from those who have met with me for a consultation saying how helpful this has been for them before making a decision to then proceed with an encounter. For those of you outside London, I can also offer Skype or telephone consultations. For an ongoing D/s relationship, a consultation is highly recommended.

1 hour: £150 (in person, tea or coffee)

1 hour: £100 (via Skype or telephone)

2 hours: £200 (in person, lunch or afternoon tea)


Dominant Courtesan Dates:

Brunch/Lunch Date:  £400 (3 hours)

Cocktail Date: £ 400 (3 hours)

Dinner Date:  £500 (4 hours)

Intense Day Date: £700 (6 hours)

Cultural Date: An evening out at the theatre or opera £600 ( 7 hours)

Overnight: From dinner until breakfast: £800 (12 hours)

Extended Overnight: Luxury sleepover: £900 (18 hours)


Immersion Experiences:

One day: Time for me to plan an exciting itinerary for our day together: £1300 (24 hours)

Weekend: From Friday morning/afternoon until Sunday morning/afternoon: £2000 (48 hours)

Long Weekend: Immerse yourself in an indulgent experience: £3000 (72 hours)


Ongoing Arrangements:

As a Lifestyle Dominant, I very much enjoy engaging with submissives as Lifestyle Sponsors rather than clients. This I find to be a more holistic approach.

I am happy to discuss and create a bespoke sponsorship arrangement for those that would prefer a more ongoing D/s relationship with me.

In lifestyle arrangements we need not ever worry about how much the tribute is each time we do meet. We stay in contact via email and phone as much as we like because, well, it's a relationship.



Nota Bene:

I do not offer hourly in-person engagements as I find it too short and fleeting, even with those I have already established a connection with.

My compensation is non-negotiable and a deposit may be required for longer appointments.

For dates to London, please add £100 for travel costs. For travel outside West Midlands and Oxfordshire, a travel cost may be applicable.

A discreet business bank transfer is available for those that prefer to not handle cash or have the mention of tribute when we do meet. An advance transfer ensures that when we do meet, we can focus on enjoying ourselves without the worry of 'the awkward part'.

Additionally, if you are a business owner, you may find that there are benefits available to you if you choose to conduct a business to business transfer.

Since I travel regularly, I do prefer BACS for longer engagements so that I do not to have to carry large amounts of cash around. 

For cash, my preference is that it is placed inside a thoughtful card with a little message inside for me, this makes the experience feel less transactional for me, and hopefully for you too. It is also more discreet when meeting in public. At the very least, please place it inside an unsealed envelope addressed to me in plain sight where I can pick it up, or hand it to me within the first five minutes of meeting. I dislike having to ask for it as it spoils the experience.