Distance Domination:

Though you may never be lucky enough to experience the delight of seeing me in person, you may be able to enjoy engaging with me in distance domination.  

Maybe we have met but distance keeps us from seeing each other more often?

Or maybe you would prefer to dip your toe into the Female Domination waters from the safety of behind your computer screen before you pluck up the courage to see me in person?

You need not be at my feet literally in order to serve me, please me and be instructed by me.

Distance domination packages start at £400 per month with email, phone and Skype contact.

Individual distance domination sessions via Skype is tributed at £100 per 1 hour


Sometimes, when first exploring our desires, it can be hard to put them into words and so the opportunity to speak with someone who has the capability to truly listen and translate those fleeting, almost intangible, feelings into clearly understood and understandable words for you can provide enormous relief of not just feeling heard, but feeling understood for the first time ever, even to yourself. Working it through with someone experienced and articulate can be an invaluable experience in itself. 

For those that have a clearer idea of what they seek, but which does not fall neatly within the context of face-to-face play, perhaps looking for an experience where, as a Dominant, I can guide you, offer structure, support, and nurturance to your blossoming desires, this also is a possibility within a distance domination context.

You might desire to make improvements in your life that you feel unable to do on your own, knowing that accountability to a Dominant Woman would give you the necessary motivation to reach your goals. I have helped people to lose weight, manage their finances, reduce or eliminate unhelpful habits in their life, and also improve the way they relate to others around them.

I strongly believe that in life, we have a deep desire to feel known and connected, and once we experience that without fear or shame, we can embrace our full selves and begin to flourish. This is my desire for all those I work with, whether we play face-to-face or have a distance D/s relationship.

Over the years, I have found it a huge privilege to see submissives grow in confidence, happiness, and fulfilment through the healthy use of a D/s dynamic and so it is with joy that I now offer it as a formal part of the scope of what I offer as a Professional Dominant.