I am often asked 'Who is your ideal client?'. In fact, my ideal client is not a 'client'; he does not present himself as a client vying for 'services' but as an erotic adventurer seeking a holistic experience. You will have a desire to get to know me and allow yourself to be known by me in return. You will have a sense of adventure and a willingness to explore new things. 

I find that I am best suited to gentlemen who appreciate long, lingering encounters; those who prefer to savour the experience rather than rush. You prefer to prolong pleasure rather than seek quick thrills. 

You will be someone who appreciates the subtle shades of erotic play and indeed subtlety in life. Your focus is on the psychological aspects of play as much as the physical ones. You are someone who enjoys the best in life, being selective and discerning in your tastes and appreciate a companion with depth and intelligence who can provide a mutually stimulating environment.

Perhaps you enjoy the company of a woman who will take charge of the decisions and create a plan for our time together? You do not need to know what the plan is; all you need do is relax, follow my lead and enjoy. 

Regardless, you will be someone who is looking for something different, something which engages you on many levels and with a woman you find engaging too.