I am an upscale English Dominant Courtesan based in London and Birmingham, UK. I am a true sybarite at heart, a lover of the sensual pleasures who also values variety and creativity as essentials in her life. 

My dominance style is warm and playful, mixing plenty of the sweet with the sour and whilst I can be compassionate, I also have a terribly cruel streak. I appreciate that not everyone seeks intensity in their experience but I do aim to create an atmosphere of intimacy. Within the time we spend together, I hope to create a trusting bond built upon mutual respect. 

Aside from being stunningly beautiful, my striking green eyes and honeyed voice will easily lure you into a state of enchanted submission. I am naturally well spoken, articulate, and educated and therefore can delight in your misfortune with wit and eloquence.

You will find me an alluring temptress who is at ease with herself and without pretension. I live a healthy lifestyle and believe in quality over quantity as a way of life, not only in my habits but in the encounters I pursue and the people I choose to spend my time with. 

Well-mannered by nature, I am also socially adroit and at ease in any social surroundings. I have often been told that I am able to put people immediately at ease with my quietly assured presence and charm. Essentially, I am a woman of wit, intelligence, and class. Refined and sophisticated but with a rather mischievous streak underneath!

Our time together will be a rich tapestry of sensuality, seduction, and surrender. I want us to be able to luxuriate in the freedom to be ourselves, our whole selves with no judgement and no constraints.

If you are looking for exclusive and refined domination, then please read on...